El Dorado Springs football team honors police, fire, and EMS in 9/11 pregame ceremony

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 9:31 PM CDT
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EL DORADO SPRINGS, Mo. (KY3) - 19 years ago, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and on United 93, where passengers were able to fight back against hijackers and crash into a field outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

“I remember exactly where I was at, what I was doing whenever 9/11 happened, and it’s one of those things that’s always stuck with me," said El Dorado Springs Head Football Coach, Kelly Beckner.

But, for the high school athletes Beckner coaches, September 11, 2001 is a day they only experience from reports and history books.

“We’re just trying to show them just a little glimpse of what it means to sacrifice, and what is there to sacrifice your own life than to help somebody else," Beckner said.

Friday night, before their kickoff against Buffalo, the team honored local law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS. They also honored those who died in the attacks 19 years ago, by wearing tape on their wrists with the station or ladder numbers of those first responders who lost their lives while helping others.

“Even though I wasn’t alive and my classmates weren’t alive, us coming out here and taking the flags out and saluting our front line right now and remembering our front line back then, it just takes a toll, even though we weren’t alive," said senior Gaven Morgan. “We get to find out the true meaning about what 9/11 was about.”'

”I’m kinda humbled," said senior Ian Esry, noting the station numbers written on his wrist. “When I see myself getting boastful or taking pride in things, I just have to remember there are people who don’t have certain things that I have or don’t have the opportunities that I have. It’s just kind of humbling."

El Dorado Springs Fire Chief Bob Floyd said Friday’s ceremony was heartwarming.

“I don’t think think that we’ll ever forget about [9/11], but hopefully things like this will keep it in people’s memories and do things like this, means a lot," Floyd said.

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