Douglas County Sheriff’s Office searching for man the sheriff considers dangerous

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM CDT
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AVA, Mo. (KY3) -- The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is searching for man wanted for an assault and burglary.

Investigators say Doyle Wayne Shelton Jr., 46, of Ava has been seen trespassing on people’s property. They Shelton walked into a residence in the Rome area and assaulted a woman. Shelton was last seen driving green Mercury Cougar with a busted front windshield.

“Mr. Shelton is a frequent flier here at the Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office,” said Douglas Co. Sheriff Chris Degase as he discussed the search for an Ava man that his department is desperately wanting to find.

And actually a lot of law enforcement agencies in the area around Ava are familiar Shelton Jr. whose list of priors is several inches thick including 13 felony drug arrests. He’s also well known for just brazenly committing burglaries. 

“If he’s around your house he has no problems walking straight into your home,” Degase said.

That’s happened a number of times in different counties and recently  at a woman’s residence in the Rome area.

”He did assault her while he was there so we feel he is a threat," Degase said. “We’ve got several houses that he’s gone into already and we feel it’s going to escalate and possibly somebody getting hurt bad.”

Shelton was arrested in 2017 at a home not far from the sheriff’s own residence.

“I arrested him,” Degase said. “He was in an elderly couple’s home. He locked himself in the bathroom and started going through their medicine cabinet.

Shelton was sentenced to 12 years in prison but entered a long-term treatment program and got out three months ago.

“The system is obviously broken,” Degase said.  “What’s frustrating is that number one we’re having to deal with him again and waste our time  and two, he’s creating more victims and that’s the most frustrating part of it all.”

So law enforcement is asking for help in locating Doyle Wayne Shelton Jr. and also issuing a warning.

“I definitely believe he is within the Douglas, Wright, Ozark, Taney, Stone County area,” Degase said. “If you give him a ride, if you help him any type of help at all we will pursue felony charges against you for aiding and abetting. That’s how serious this is.”

If you have information about Shelton’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office at 417-683-1020.

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