Bipartisan campaign urging Missouri voters to reject ‘Amendment 3’ in November election

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 5:21 PM CDT
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LAKE OZARK, Mo. (KY3) - Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley feels Clean Missouri, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters two years ago, turned redistricting into a political process.

“I think that, to the extent that this new amendment, is going to help correct that and return this to a process where the people have some control, where it’s done in the light of day," Hawley told KY3/KSPR.

Under Clean Missouri, the state auditor - who, right now is Nicole Galloway, the only Democrat holding statewide office -collects resumes for a nonpartisan demographer to redraw the legislative districts. Those resumes are submitted to the state Senate for approval.

Amendment 3 would give the power to redraw the legislative maps to a bipartisan commission, appointed by the governor.

“The dangerous part of Amendment 3 is that the politicians are trying to trick our voters into voting for a plan that only benefits incumbent legislators," said Former Republican State Representative Nate Walker.

Critics say the new amendment is misleading because it advertises banning all lobbyist gifts, a $5 dollar reduction from current law, and limit state senate campaign contributions by $100.

“Amendment 3 is really a plan by politicians to protect themselves and protect their incumbent status. It’s not really in response to what the people need," said Former Democratic State Representative Rebecca McClananan.

The plan, which was passed by lawmakers to put on the November ballot back in May, doesn’t use Census population data, and would exclude non-voting immigrants and children from the districts' population numbers.

“This would be the first time that this has ever occurred. We need to count everyone in our ways of making sure that our districts are fair and balanced and bipartisan," Walker added.

Click here to read the full amendment.

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