Homeland Security document says White Supremacy group biggest threat, local expert disagrees

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 5:13 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A different opinion about a draft report about the greatest threat we face.

Leaked documents from the Department of Homeland Security say “White supremacists are the gravest terror threat to the United States.” But a local expert on the topic disagrees, and says we have something even more serious to worry about.

“It was May 20, 2010,” said Bob Paudert. That day changed his life forever.

“He was 39. Two weeks short of his 40th birthday,” Paudert said. His son, a police officer, and his son’s work partner were both gunned down by a father and teenage son, who were members of the Sovereign Citizens group, a group Paudert says is anti-government.

When Homeland Security wrote up their latest threat assessment last week, Bob says they’re missing it.

“From my experience, it’s not the biggest threat. If you’ll look, you don’t see much of white supremacy group looting and burning and doing all the things that these other groups are... the Antifa group... the Black Lives Matter group. White Supremacy is a threat, but it is not the biggest threat,” Paudert said.

He has spent his retirement studying threats to local law officers. Those in any group, he says, who are anti-government, anarchists, law enforcement: beware. Paudert has spoken in all 50 states on this topic, backed by the FBI and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

“I’ve been around for 54 years in law enforcement and I’ve seen these movements come and go, it’s not a racial thing. It’s not a black and white thing. A lot of people trying to make it that... they are trying to overthrow our government, and anyone in the know would-- they may not tell you that, but that is what is happening,” he said.

Paudert says with so much politicized, and with multiple fallen officers in the Ozarks in recent months, he’s hopeful law enforcement will play it safe, and do their homework-- working to understand the threat.

“When I did an interview with 60 Minutes, the guy said you are speaking pretty openly and boldly about Sovereign Citizens... I said yeah, that’s right. He says why? I said I believe what I’m saying is true and others need to know. My son and his partner had no idea what they were up against. I said well I am not going to let that happen... I am going to talk to as many officers as I can across the country.”

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