100 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS: On Your Side shares advice to not let the Grinch steal your holiday

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 6:44 PM CDT
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It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Christmas is 100 days away.

If you haven’t started planning your holiday shopping budget, you better act fast.

Make a list and yes, check it twice. Figure out who you’re buying for and don’t change your mind.

“If you spend on gifts, whether it’s holidays or otherwise, it should be part of your written household budget,” said money expert Kenny Gott.

He says it’s okay to talk about the holiday spending plan with extended family. Remember for many, maybe you because of the pandemic, the Christmas budget might not be as big compared to last year.

Get creative. Cookies and crafts go a long way.

“Grandma is going to love it." said Gott. “She won’t forget it and she won’t regift it.”

Bottom line, the last thing you want is too much Christmas cheer that leads to credit card debt in the new year.

“If you normally load up a credit card with holiday gifts and it takes several months, or the entire year to pay off, you’re giving the credit card company the highest gift of all high interest payments,” said Gott.

Most holiday shoppers are guilty of this: One for you, one for me. Remember, stick to that list. If you start saving $20 a week, by Black Friday, you’ll have $200.

If you plan to buy a big ticket item, you’ll want to do that no later than Black Friday. Because of the pandemic, many manufactures are behind, which means you need to plan ahead if you want that gift before Christmas Day. Same goes with online shopping, this year, you really don’t want to procrastinate.

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