HAM ON THE LAM: Pig that puzzled police now safe after weeks-long run of north Springfield neighborhood

Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 8:55 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - She was deemed “uncatchable," but the Notorious P-I-G is no longer at large in north Springfield. Neighbors wasted no time hamming it up online with a variety of nick names, but only now has someone been able to catch the stray pig and bring home the bacon.

This little piggie hammed it up for north Springfield neighbors for weeks. At one point, it showed up near Rita Silic’s backyard near W. Atlantic Street and N. Main Avenue.

“Well I was a little surprised," Silic said.

Silic ironically grew up on a pig farm, and knows how to corral them. This one did not want to be caught.

“They’re very powerful little critters and they can move pretty quickly when they’re ready to," Silic said.

It’s been hanging around so long, neighbors started calling it Porky the Pig and other pet names.

“Yeah, he’s kept entertaining us. I think they called him Woody of Woodland Heights," Silic said.

Animal Control got equally as creative with their capture.

“The pig was tricked with a honey bun and who among us has not been tricked by a snack cake? So that’s how they ended up catching it," said Kathryn Wall, with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

That female pig is now named after her weakness: Honey Bun.

Wall said this is not the first pig that has caught the attention of neighbors. She said loose swine is surprisingly a common issue in Springfield.

In fact, she said animal control picks up a pig every couple of months. That is mostly due to the fact that many people who paint pigs as pets, don’t realize how big they might get.

“So when you get a cute little piglet, there’s no guarantee that piglet will stay small," Wall said. "A lot of times people will just set them free because pigs can be very destructive.”

This little piggie did not run straight home. Owners have not claimed Honey Bun.

“Ideally if this pig has been out for several weeks then the owners have been out looking for it," Wall said.

Animal control will hold onto Honey Bun for at least a few days before giving her a new home at an animal rescue. Just a reminder, pigs are not considered pets in the city of Springfield.

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