Police investigating possible kidnapping of children after reported home break-in

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 6:34 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Police in Springfield are investigating a possible kidnapping that happened on Saturday involving children.

It happened on Golden Avenue near Chestnut Expressway after a man and woman claim a group of kids broke into their home and stole a few things.

Later in the day the father of one the kids involved got a call from his father-in-law saying his son had been kidnapped.

Garry Shidler said the couple held the kids at gunpoint and took them to their home telling them to grab things from the house to put in their car.

“I told the officer when I arrived, first of all if my children have done something, then they need to be taken to juvenile and locked up," he said. “Cut and dry.”

Shidler said his kids were just walking around the neighborhood and were not the ones responsible for breaking in to the couple’s home.

He also said he bought the shoes the kids were accused of stealing. But he said what the pair did was wrong even if the kids had stolen items from their home.

”Never in life would an individual have good reason to take a minor child at gunpoint into a car and drive off with them," Shidler said. “And if my children did it then they need to go to juvenile but at the same time the man that kidnapped my kids and broke into my house needs to be in jail. You don’t have a right to take a gun and force a child, a small child or any child into a car and drive around. Not without parent’s permission. Not without kid’s permission. You just can’t do that.”

He has cameras around his house, which caught a glimpse of everything.

”It shows the man walking out of my house coming down my steps and handing this girl this stuff and she puts it in the car," he said.

Shidler is upset the two were released without facing charges.

“I’m extremely worried about safety," he said. “I’m extremely worried. If I leave and there is nobody here with my family, I already asked my wife and said I’d rather you go stay with parents. But then I don’t know if he is going to go back in my house?”

Shidler said his son is also still shaken up a bit.

”He’s scared that he’s going to get kidnapped again," he said. “His school is just a few houses past his grandparents. He won’t walk there because he’s scared.”

Shidler says what was taken from his home still has not been returned. He also said he filed a restraining order against the man who broke into his home, but ended up seeing him the very next day.

KY3 did reach out to the woman involved and has yet to hear back.

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