University of Missouri catches more than 150 students in three cheating incidents

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 5:11 PM CDT
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COLUMBIA, Mo. (KY3) - Tommie Altvater, a sophomore economics student at the University of Missouri is tired of virtual learning.

“I have nostalgia for real college," Altvater told KY3/KSPR’s Andrew Havranek.

Altvater said with more classes being taken online, it’s been a lot easier for some students to cheat.

“You’re almost kind of at a disadvantage if you’re not cheating, because everyone is cheating," Altvater said. "Everything is online, everything is through canvass, and there is no way to police it.”

But, more than 150 students have been caught cheating in three separate incidents.

“One of them occurred in the spring, and two occurred in the fall," said MU Spokesperson, Liz McCune.

Students in all three cheating incidents were using the texting app called Group Me.

“They were sharing screen shots and answers to tests," McCune added.

Taylor Krawll, a sophomore biology student, isn’t surprised.

“Well, the student part of me says COVID is really, really tough, and we’re all just trying to make it through," Krawll said. "But, obviously academic dishonestly is never the right choice.”\

Now, those 150 students will be or have already been disciplined.

“It could be as simple as you get a zero for that exam or you get your letter grade reduced for the course, or if we discover that there is a pattern of behavior, depending on the seriousness of the offense, it could lead to suspension or expulsion," McCune said.

Altvater thinks it may not be fair, as the only ones getting punished are the ones getting caught.

“I think everybody’s pretty guilty at this point.," Altvater said. "It’s kind of a really tough situation.”

The University of Missouri couldn’t comment on the disciplinary actions taken against the students caught cheating last semester, and say the investigations into the students caught this semester are still on going.

The university is encouraging professors to have different versions of tests for each class, making any screenshots of a test incorrect.

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