On Your Side: Scam targets Missouri nurses

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 5:49 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -Nurses might lose thousands of dollars and they’re told they cannot show up to work.

It’s hard to imagine. It’s the latest scam.

“It makes me angry,” said Lori Scheidt, Executive Director of Missouri State Board of Nursing.

Crooks use caller ID spoofing. That caller ID displays the Board of Nursing number. Swindlers will call a few times. The crook will confirm the nurse’s Missouri license number. By the way, that’s public information. Here’s what the scammer tells the nurse.

“He had told her that someone had written prescriptions in her name in Texas. There was an investigation against her license and her ability to practice would be impacted and in order to keep practicing she had to pay this bond to them to keep her license active during the investigation,” said Scheidt.

The crook wanted $13,700 before she returned to work. That’s just not how the board works.

“We don’t have fine authority. The board can’t say to you ‘pay us money and we’ll keep your license active’. Every nurse is entitled to due process," she said.

There’s a letter version of the scam. It looks official because crooks copied the state’s logo. They found the correct nurse license number and use the real board contact info. But the substance of the letter is a lie.

Nurses can enroll in an legit email notification system about their license.

Remember, if you’re asked to pay for something in gift cards it’s usually a scam.

This scam is a good reminder for anyone who has a professional license to be on the look out.

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