Petition to stop planned development in southeast Springfield filed

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 9:32 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A proposed development by Sequiota Park in Springfield is now on hold, even though it’s already been approved as neighbors try a new strategy to stop it.

We’ve been following this story for more than two years.

After multiple meetings, blueprint changes and ordinance language changes it seemed like The Treadway development was finally going to be built. Council signed off on the project weeks ago.

But Monday members of the Galloway Village Neighborhood Association gathered to submit a referendum petition asking council to reverse that decision.

“It’s not just a handful of people. It’s a community issue. People are terribly frustrated with the decision that was made,” said Marcie Kirkup.

She says this why the Galloway Village Neighborhood Association started a petition drive.

“We have collected 2,714 signatures which is about 58 to 60 percent more than is even required,” she explained.

In a matter of about two weeks the neighborhood association got the number of voters needed to add their names to a roster asking Springfield City Council to withdraw their approval of The Treadway Development.

The plans call for apartments, shops and restaurants to be built across the street from Sequoita Park.

Kirkup said, “I think that there’s a general sense of frustration that there’s over development that’s happening city-wide. It seems like the bigger the better but yet there’s not the infrastructure there to take care of the scale of the developments that are approved.”

The group hopes the referendum petition will halt the project.

“I think we’ve got everything. We’ll just go from here and start the process,” said Springfield City Clerk, Anita Cotter.

Wendy Hurscher, with the neighborhood association said, “The city clerk was super helpful in educating us and walk us through the steps and the process of it.”

The city clerk’s office now has 20 days to verify the authenticity of each voter’s signature.

Once the petition is certified an ordinance will be drafted and presented to council for consideration.

“From its foundation there have been mechanisms put in place for citizens to give their opinion and to try to express their feelings to government and this is one of those mechanisms,” said Cotter.

Neighborhood association member Melanie Bach said, “We can at least rest assured that we have done everything that we could possibly do to appropriately represent our neighborhood and their wishes.”

Council will have 30 days to decide once the ordinance is drafted.

If they don’t reverse the zoning ordinance it will be up to voters to decide in April.

The developer can’t start building on his property until this is resolved.

Our calls to him for comment have not been returned.

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