Leigh’s Lost and Found: How it took a village to save two stray dogs and their puppies

Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 11:25 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, proof that it really does take a village to rescue stray and unwanted dogs.

This story starts with these two dogs and an animal loving employee of QPS Bioconetic in Springfield. The dogs were running wild around there and she decided she needed to help save them.

“One day on my way to work, I witnessed her almost get hit twice.”

As a foster for 4 the Love of K9′s, Tanya Doyle called in reinforcements to save the two dogs dubbed Smudge and Panda. Animal control caught Smudge, but they had to bring in a special trapper to get Panda.

“He came out there and set the trap up and he caught her amazingly.”

The next hurdle came when the little ones unexpectedly showed up. No one knew Panda was pregnant.

“The current foster couldn’t care for her and the puppies and no one was stepping up and I said, I work three jobs, but if I’m their only hope, I’ll take them.”

Unfortunately, Panda was not happy.

“The first few weeks, she wanted nothing to do with me.”

Then, they had a breakthrough and Panda came around. Wtill, caring for mama and four puppies was tough.

“I reached out to our amazing foster group and said someone’s got to come over and help me.”

Many people answered that call and got Tanya to this point. Panda has found a forever home with her new mom Kate.

“I honestly couldn’t have personally picked a better home for her.”

Plus, two puppies are heading to new homes in Mississippi. And a third puppy found a home here in Springfield. The only one left is the only boy, Danny.

“There are so many steps.”

Tanya says this shows the true team effort it takes to rescue animals. Now, they just need more people like her to join that team.

“We are so short on fosters. We’re desperate for more fosters so we can continue to keep saving these lives.”

If you’d interested in Danny or want to know more about fostering for 4 the Love of K9′s, click the lin

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