Republic, Mo. man charged with domestic assault, kidnapping and violating protection order

Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 9:51 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A man from Republic is charged with a string of abusive crimes. Terry Maurer, Jr. 55, was arrested this week.

Prosecutors charged Maurer with first degree terrorizing and kidnapping, third degree domestic assault, second degree property damage and violating a protection order against him.

Janice Thompson survived abuse and became an advocate. She said, for a victim, an order of protection takes courage, but gives some hope.

“This is going to be my protection," Thompson said. "Sometimes it is, sometimes it is enough to make the abuser start. There are other times, and it often happens, where they violate it.”

In July, a woman filed a protection order against Terry Maurer. It was just days after she said Maurer threw his cell phone through her windshield. She showed police injuries where she said Maurer punched her in the head. Court documents state police found the woman after she had to jump out of a moving car to escape Maurer, who said he would kill her. The next month, she told police Maurer showed up at her house. Thompson said that’s not surprising.

“We already know they’re not going to follow the law because they’re abusive," Thompson said. "They’re physically harming somebody. If they’re immediately violating an order that says, you’re going to go to jail if you violate this, then we’ve got somebody who is not scared of consequences at that point.”

Thompson said her abuser violated her protection order against him fifteen times, and said it took eight months to bring charges against him.

In this case, it took two months for Maurer to be put behind bars.

“It is incredibly frustrating to be doing what you’re supposed to do and have nothing happening on the other end, but that paper trail is important," Thompson said.

Thompson said survivors can be prepared and proactive while trying to be patient with a safety plan. She said local organizations like Harmony House and the Victim Center can give advice.

“Making sure people at work don’t tell your schedule," Thompson said. "Things like that, changing up routines, those things can protect you instantly versus waiting for the justice system to kick in.”

Maurer is being held in the Greene County Jail on $50,000 bond. He is set to be back in court next week.

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