No fees for Springfield tenant, following On Your Side report

Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 6:41 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -You might remember this On Your Side investigation.

If you rent and have older kids, a Springfield mother shared her cautionary tale. She thought she’d have to fork over about $200.

Debra Mabe’s eighteen-year-old daughter decided to stay home for college. Mabe came home one day to her Hunter’s Glen apartment and found a ‘balance notice’ on her doorstep along with an application. The property manager wanted her daughter on the lease.

“It said I needed to pay the $40 for the application fee by the end of the business day. Or there would be a $100 late fee charge. I was upset. She’s already on my lease. She’s eighteen. She’s still my child. She doesn’t have a job. I don’t think she needs to be responsible for anything that I have,” said Mabe.

On the current lease, Mabe is the resident. Her daughter is an occupant. To avoid that late fee, Mabe paid the $40. Also, on that application, if approved, there’s a $150 processing fee.

After our story aired, Mabe says management decided things can stay ‘as is’.

“I’m really thankful. You really helped me out a lot. And I thank you so much for that story. You saved me a lot of money,” she said.

As for that $40 application fee Mabe paid, she says it will be credited to her account.

For landlord/tenant disputes, tenants need to document everything. Take photos. Collect screenshots of emails and text messages.

Always keep a copy of your lease handy.

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