Missouri Amendment 3 getting a lot of attention from supporters and critics

Amendment 3 has several parts, but redistricting is getting most of the attention.
Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 6:20 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - One issue in Missouri up for vote in next week’s election is Amendment 3. It actually has three parts, but one in particular is drawing the most interest.

There’s two sides to every issue, and Amendment 3 is no different.

Voting no on the amendment means redistricting across the state would remain the same. Right now, that means a Senate-approved nonpartisan state demographer draws district maps using existing criteria.

“After careful study, the League of Women Voters has decided to oppose Amendment 3," said Former League of Women Voters President Ann Elwell. "It is really a repeal of what the voters decided by a large majority just two years ago.”

Voting yes on the amendment would eliminate the state demographer, and instead use a bipartisan commission appointed by the governor for legislative redistricting. It would also alter the criteria for drawing maps.

“The reasons for that are that Clean Missouri was sold as ethics reform, and it did indeed have some ethics reform provisions," said Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst. "But people that backed Amendment 3, excuse me, backed Clean Missouri, uh, clearly were in the game to change the way we redistrict.”

Elwell wants people to understand what it means if it passes.

“Hopefully voters will understand that what it really talks about is repealing what they approved by a majority just two years ago,” said Elwell.

And Hurst says he wants to change to that new way of redistricting, which in his opinion, means a more fair way of dealing with local issues, depending on where you live.

“Small schools, our roads, just different problems, different concerns, different interests than you have in Springfield,” said Hurst.

While redistricting is the focus of both sides, if the amendment passes, it would also lower the threshold of lobbyist gifts from $5 to zero, and lower senate campaign contributions from $2500 to $2400.

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