Leigh’s Lost and Found: how a lost cat wound up across town and how he was reunited!

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 2:57 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, finding missing cats is a lot harder than finding dogs because they often hide out when they’re scared and lost. And it doesn’t help when that missing cat inadvertently hitches a ride, miles away from home.

It was a pile of tree limbs like this one that got Jerry the cat into a lot of trouble.

“Jerry has been known to get on loads of limbs.”

Jerry’s owner Kris Sutliff had hired someone to cut trees on her property and when the man left the Saturday before Labor Day, Kris noticed her indoor/outdoor cat was gone.

“Sunday morning came and he was not here, and then I was worried because that’s never happened.”

She made the connection between the load of limbs and her missing cat, and tracked the tree cutter down.

“He lives at the second house south of Fassnight Creek farm so that’s a long way for Jerry to have ridden on a load of limbs but I felt like that’s what happened.”

She didn’t find him then, so she started plastering the neighborhood with the signs and took to social media.

“I posted a lot of signs, talked to a lot of people. I posted it on Leigh’s Lost and Found immediately, posted on the neighborhood thing, posted on Pawboost.”

Kris got a lot of tips and met a lot of black cats that looked like Jerry. But it wasn’t until a whole month later, that she got the call she’d been waiting for.

A woman found Jerry, posted him on facebook and her neighbor recognized him.

“I knew when that lady called that it was going to be Jerry because she asked if he was missing any teeth and he is missing one tooth.”

The pair was happily reunited and as the cherry on top, the finder didn’t even take the reward.

“She said their reward was getting to see him be reunited. I was very happy to see him and he was very happy to see me.”

If you have a long lost pet, be sure to submit them to the Leigh’s Lost and Found faceb

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