Avoiding car break-ins when enjoying a walk or run

What to do if you do have one
Avoiding car break-ins when taking a stroll
Avoiding car break-ins when taking a stroll(KY3)
Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 6:07 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - If it’s happened to you, you know getting your car broken into is frustrating.

The bad news... yes, Robert had to deal with that Thursday night. The good news... nothing was taken or damaged, despite his car being locked.

KY3 caught up with some folks Friday to ask them how they feel about car security when they’re out for a run or walk.

“You come to a city park like this and everything is so peaceful. It really doesn’t even cross my mind," said Jerry Detwiler. "It probably should more so than it does.”

Dezmond Counterman says he has been cautious about his car when he takes a walk.

“I’ve heard of multiple cases of people either having stuff stolen out of their car or their windows smashed in,” said Counterman.

Springfield Police Lieutenant Jason Laub says thieves often frequent areas like parks and trails.

“Our bad guys understand that it could be a high value target," said Lt. Laub. "So they see these vehicles parked along the trails and just know that there’s a chance of finding a purse or something like that inside the vehicle.”

Lieutenant Laub recommends parking in a well lit or high traffic area, and always secure your car. Jerry and Dezmond agree.

“We do always lock the vehicle and everything like that, take a little bit of precaution,” said Detwiler.

“I wouldn’t leave it in the open, anything, but even like, in your (Robert’s) case, they will come in, no matter what,” said Counterman. “They’re gonna look so, just keep it locked.”

And should you actually see them getting into your car, as Robert did last night.

“I would recommend to family, friends, that I would do exactly what you (Robert) did and I would take pictures," said Lt. Laub. "I would of the individuals actually doing what they’re doing, I’d take pictures of the vehicle they leave on, license plate specifically.”

Lieutenant Laub added that you should file a police report if you do have a car break-in, even if there is no damage or anything taken. And just bring your ID and insurance card to keep in your pocket and leave the wallets and purses at home.

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