Crowd lines up for opening of the Ozarks first medical dispensary in Cassville, Mo.

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 7:17 PM CDT
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CASSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - The first medical marijuana dispensary in the Ozarks is now open.  

The doors opened at 3 p.m. at the Cassville, Mo. Dispensary, despite a delay in product.

“I know patients have been really, really excited for this," said Charlea Estes-Jones, Cassville Dispensary manager.  "I think that we were possibly more excited for these because we’re so excited to get patients cannabis medicine that they need, the medicine they deserve, and we’ve all been waiting a long time and we’re just ecstatic.”

The first patient in line, Missy Lambert, waited more than four hours, hoping to get something for her back pain.

“It’s really good because I don’t want to be on opioids anymore," said Lambert.

"Finally at the age of 65 I’m going to be able to do it legally,” said Richard Maglietto, a medical marijuana patient from Springfield.

Maglietto stood second in line. And he came here after years of struggling with arthritis.

“Medical marijuana will help alleviate my arthritis in my hands and my knees and my ankles and my shoulders,” said Maglietto.

With so few cultivators up and running, this marijuana is hard to come by, which is why customers here will be limited to once ounce.

“We’re going to see some limited products through the end of this year, probably to early to next year,” said Estes-Jones.  “But we really expect to see a lot more variety, and we expect to see those prices fall significantly once we have more cultivators.”

So what is it like to be inside a medical marijuana dispensary?  Well, there’s a showroom where you can pick your product.  But before that, you meet with a consultant.

“We have a dedicated patient education consultant here full time,” said Estes-Jones.  “She’s an LPN and she can sit down and go over medication interactions, different strains that might be best for that patient’s needs, administration methods in terms of how they should be consuming it, whether it’s through edibles or topicals.”

And while you may think of marijuana as being smoked, medical marijuana can be consumed in a number of ways.

“You can also do what’s known as dry herb vaporization, which is what we recommend for most patients,” said Estes-Jones.  “So instead of heating it up to fully combusting and burning it heats it up just enough to force that medication away from the plant material.  We would also like to see manufacturers make suppositories for those higher doses because with suppositories you can get, especially for cancer patients, you can get a much higher dose of THC without it affecting you and giving a lot of those psycho-active effects.”

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