Purple pumpkins - the new sign for contactless trick or treating

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 9:39 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is not telling you to skip Halloween or skip trick or treating, what they want you to do is be safe.

More guidelines were released recently with ideas on how to practice contactless trick or treating, and how you can tell which houses are taking precautions.

Sean Barnhill, with the Health Department, said, “We are encouraging all neighborhoods to plan to offer contactless trick or treating.”

If you’re offering contactless treats, put out a purple pumpkin.

“So you paint it, let it dry overnight, put it on your porch or on your driveway to let trick or treaters know you are participating in contactless trick or treating,” Barnhill said.

If you don’t have a pumpkin, get creative with including purple into your decorations.

“You can buy a purple-tinted lightbulb to use as a porch light on Halloween,” Barnhill said.

Or decorate your door or mailbox with purple paper.

“It can be a fun family project,” Barnhill said.

Contactless trick-or-treating is as simple as packaging up baggies filled with Halloween candy.

“Put it in a bowl, put it on your driveway or the front porch, that way you’re not coming in contact with trick or treaters and they’re not coming in contact with you,” Barnhill said.

The health department does say to only celebrate Halloween with members of your household

“Having fun right now is super important. But we have to do it safely,” Barnhill said.

If you will be spending Halloween indoors, get creative by decorating pumpkins, baking run treats or having a Halloween egg hunt.

“We also discussed here at the health department is take those easter eggs that you have for easter and have a Halloween egg hunt in your house,” Barnhill said.

Fill those eggs up with candy and hunt for them around the house while wearing costumes.

Remember when trick-or-treating, practice safe social distancing and wear masks. The costume masks do not act as a replacement for CDC recommended face coverings.

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