KY3 Buddy Check 3: Woman shares her proof of breast examination importance

Buddy Check 3
Buddy Check 3(KY3)
Published: Nov. 3, 2020 at 5:40 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 3, 2020 at 5:43 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - This is our monthly Buddy Check 3 Day, your chance to choose to troubleshoot breast cancer.  This is our community-wide reminder to do your self-breast examine and make sure a buddy does it too.  

A Springfield woman recently got the message, and she says it saved her life.  They say repetition is the key to learning. 

Lynda Johnson may be proof of that.  She said she was on her computer and heard the Buddy Check 3 commercial in the background and thought she hadn’t checked herself in a really long time.  She says she had probably heard that Buddy Check 3 commercial dozens of times over the last year.  But she finally listened to it a couple of months ago, and she found a lump in her breast.   It was a wake-up call.  At a young 70-years-old, Lynda has a lot to live for.  She says her two daughters, two sons, and grandkids are everything to her.  And so, like every other challenge she’s faced in life, Lynda tackled this one head-on.    

“Right off the bat, they’ve got me in there for a biopsy, called me said it’s malignant,” Lynda described her experience. 

And then her treatment plan kicked into gear: a mastectomy first, that happened in September.  Now, she’s halfway through her chemo regimen, and then comes radiation.  It’s a marathon for anyone, but for someone so engaged in everything from her photography to her painting, and especially her family, this is just another race to win. 

She said, “I have a good chance at beating this thing, I plan on it.”  And now she wants to tell everyone.  She says, “just check, it takes 30 seconds it can save your life and tell a friend save their life.”   

Lynda said she just happened to be in the right frame of mind when she heard that double check.  Now it’s your turn to really listen and do that self-exam and like Lynda said call a friend or family member, it could make a life-saving difference.  

To sign up for the buddy check program go to, we’ll send you a free information packet.

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