Leigh’s Lost and Found: Big reward to help find this missing American Bully dog

Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 11:12 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, a big reward to find a lost American Bully dog named Shorty.

She went missing from Valley Water Mill park in north Springfield on October 13th. One minute, she was running a trail by her owner, and the next, she was gone.

“She’d usually jump in right about here, get cooled off and then come back up and we’d walk the trail.”

Shorty’s owner, Darrin pryor, says that day was like so many others, Shorty was doing one of her favorite things, taking a dip in the creek. But as they walked this trail after her swim, Shorty took off ahead, and never came back.

Darrin’s wife Denean says, “he started calling her because he didn’t hear her and she wasn’t coming which was very unusual. She usually will always come right back to you. so he looked and called for 30 minutes, turned into two hours and she just never came."

Darrin and Denean have come back to the park many times to search. They’ve also posted her numerous times on my Leigh’s Lost and Found page.

Shorty is a two year old Blue and White American Bully, but she’s actually gray in color. Her distinctive cropped ears and short legs should be easy to recognize, but so far, they’ve heard nothing.

“We’re thinking, the area is very populated and the trail and creek kind of butt up to some subdivisions, we think she either went to somebody’s house that doesn’t know we’re looking for her or she got inside someone’s car. You could pull up and she’d jump right into your car and be happy to go with anybody.”

Worst case scenario, someone found Shorty and wants to keep her because she’s a prized, expensive breed. The Pryors are offering anyone who brings her back, a big reward of $1000 dollars or more, no questions asked.

“She’s just a very special dog, she loves everybody and is very friendly and has never met a stranger.”

If you know anything or see Shorty, please contact the Pryors at 417-576-8634. Or you can message the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page at the link below.

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