Widow vows to keep Missouri Route 66 must-see stop up and running

Lowell Davis created Red Oak II northeast of Carthage, Mo on his farm.
Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 8:45 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -A village that’s a must-see for Route 66 travelers will live on. That vow after the 83-year-old founder died this month.

KY3 visited the place Lowell Davis created on his farm back in 20-15. He built the town and called it Red Oak II. It’s northeast of Carthage.

Davis started creating this village from buildings people didn’t want anymore. That’s when the Missouri Native found the original town of Red Oak had mostly disappeared. So, he started moving stuff to his farm.

Davis died a couple weeks ago. and his widow Rose told us she’ll do her best to keep the Red Oak Cafe, School and Train Depot in good shape for future visitors.

”The Route 66 people are all so supportive of Red Oak II and without them I don’t know how Red Oak II would survive. I cannot do it alone. It’s a big responsibility. I’m really overwhelmed by the Carthage community and Joplin and all around the world with their.... uh... very supportive. It’s very overwhelming for me,” reflected Rose Davis.

Lowell Davis first rose to fame for his figurines. Some call him the, “Norman Rockwell of Rural Art.” Others called the world famous artist, “The Father of Country Art.”

Besides figurines, Davis painted. And, in his later years created what he called junk sculpture.

His widow plans to set up a foundation to keep Red Oak II going well into the future. https://www.redoakiimissouri.com/index/red-oak-ii-missoura/red-oak-ii-tour/index.html

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