Council to reconsider allowing planned development to be built in southeast Springfield

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 9:48 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The fight to stop a multi-million dollar development in southeast Springfield continues.

The Galloway Neighborhood Association was successful in submitting a referendum petition against the zoning ordinance two weeks ago.

At Monday nights city council meeting several people, including some from surrounding neighborhoods, tried to persuade city council to overturn their decision to allow a large development to be built across the street from Sequiota Park.

We spoke to two organizers of that petition before the meeting about the hearing.

Wendy Huscher said, “It will be a full three years.”

“Yes over three years,” said Melanie Bach.

People living in Galloway Village along Lone Pine Avenue have held dozens of meetings. They’ve also met with developers to compromise on building plans. Several volunteers got thousands of people to sign a petition urging Springfield City Council to repeal their decision to zone, the now wooded area, as suitable for a planned development.

“We feel like it’s our duty to do this for our neighbors because the feeling about this issue is so strong. If this is something we can take advantage of we’re going to do this for our neighborhood,” said Bach.

The Treadway, as it’s called, will be built near the now closed Sequiota Bike Shop, across the street from Sequoita park. Plans for this project call for apartments, retail and restaurants.

“That’s not necessarily a popular concept for people who own property and homes,” said Huscher.

People living in other areas of Springfield have thrown in their support.

Bach said, “I feel that there are a lot of neighborhoods that are getting unfavorable decisions. They don’t feel like they are being heard. I feel like they are very encouraged that there is a process that is something they could use in the future.”

This is only the second time a referendum like this has come to city council. A few years ago, a petition to stop a Walmart Neighborhood Market on Grand Avenue failed.

“We’re pretty much advocates at heart. We’re the kind of people to do this. I’m just really thankful that we found out about the referendum process. We’ve learned so much about city government through this process. It’s really been tremendously enlightening,” said Bach.

Our calls to the developer have not been returned.

In two weeks, council members could vote on Monday’s bill that overturns the zoning ordinance. It will basically stop construction before it starts.

If it fails, then the issue could be on a ballot sometime next year for voters to decide.

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