Laclede County Deputies arrest Springfield man for having sexual relations with a minor

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 10:39 PM CST
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A Springfield man is charged with statutory rape of a 16-year old girl. Laclede County deputies said a 16-year-old girl was talking to 41-year-old Oludare Bakare of Springfield for two months.

A family member, who we’re only calling Gary to protect the identity of the victim said the pair met on a chat app called Discord.

Gary said after other family members went through the minor’s phone they noticed messages between the two.

”It’s very scary everything’s anonymous,” said Gary.

He said the teen was having sexual relations with Bakare.

”I felt like he was baiting her and I was scared it was a human trafficking ring. He kept saying I wanted to take her far away where nobody would ever find them again. It was really scary,” said Bakare.

He said they messaged Bakare telling him to come to the teen’s aunt’s house. When he arrived Laclede County Deputies arrested him for statutory rape but he bonded out.

”This guy is back on the streets now. I’m scared he may be with one now. A young boy or girl right now. There’s people like this all over and parents really need to pay attention,” said Gary.

He said the minor now has a restraining order against Bakare.

“I think it’s a mistake she made a mistake. She’ll learn from it,” said Gary.

Bakare will be in court Wednesday morning.

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