Thieves steal 2 cars from Springfield auto repair shop and salvage yard

Published: Dec. 1, 2020 at 7:21 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A local auto repair shop is searching for stolen cars and tools after a burglary happened over the weekend.

Employees at Central Motors on North Parker said they believe the items were stolen on Sunday.

Central Motors supervisor Mike Palakov said Sunday’s incident is nothing new.

”Basically this is not the first time that it’s been happening,” Palakov said.

In fact, he said it has already happened nearly seven times. Palakov said someone stole a car last time as well.

”Last time it was a Ford Expedition hooked up with an RV,” he said. “It was supposed to go to the auction and somebody just took off on it.”

This time cars were stolen yet again.

”Two of our vehicles were stolen,” Palakov said. “One of them was a Ford Transit 2020 passenger van and another one was a Nissan Sentra.”

Central Motors was planning to sell both of them. Palakov said he did catch a glimpse of the crooks. The facility has cameras all over, which was an addition that followed a previous incident.

”I believe somebody used a crowbar or something like that to break in,” Palakov said.

He said the thieves then stole car parts, tools and other items.

”We have a lock box inside and somebody just went through it and I believe got keys and went into the yard and stole two of the cars,” Palakov said.

The crooks also stole a license plate to put on one of the unmarked cars, Palakov said.

Not only is the issue familiar to Central Motors, Palakov said another nearby business has also had issues.

“One of my friends was driving past Pick-n-Pull the other day and he said there was a whole bunch of police officers there,” Palakov said. “I called them earlier this morning and the owner of the business, he confirmed that somebody got in but did not have a chance to steal anything.”

Right now Central Motors is working with police to locate the stolen items. Palakov said he is asking anyone for help to identify the thieves and locate the stolen vehicles.

He also said he hopes police could possibly patrol the area more often.

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