First medical marijuana dispensary in Nixa to open this week

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 5:31 PM CST
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NIXA, Mo. (KY3) - The first medical marijuana dispensary in Christian County is expected to have a “soft” opening this week.

Dana Sullinger has spent several years working as a pharmacist, but after some time she has switched gears a bit to the medical marijuana industry. She and her husband will open Missouri Joint Ventures on Thursday.

The new dispensary also goes by the names “MJV” and “MOJO.”

Sullinger said it has been a long process from the start of the application to the state’s commencement just recently.

“It’s been almost a year. It’s time,” she laughed.

Sullinger wanted to jump at the opportunity to open a dispensary because she said many of her previous patients felt they were not getting everything they needed to help with their pain or other health issues.

“There just wasn’t anywhere for me to send them or anything for me to help them with,” Sullinger said. “And this opportunity came up and it was kind of like huh, maybe I can actually provide some relief to these patients I couldn’t help before.”

She and her husband both work in the medical field, and he agreed a dispensary could be helpful.

“He is in oncology research and had lost both of his parents to cancer,” Sullinger said. “So he felt there was the need in the cancer field and I felt there was a need in the pain field and other fields. So we just decided, yeah we need to see if we could make this happen.”

Sullinger said this week things will be taken slowly.

”First time is going to take a little longer because we got to get them in the system,” she said. “And once we get them in there it’ll be quick after that.”

Patients will need a driver’s license and their medical card. Inventory is still pretty limited, Sullinger said. For now, options include gummies and pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

Once things get going and the business builds up inventory of other products, Sullinger said she will help patients find what is best for them.

”That’s where I’m going to come in,” she said. “I’m going to help a lot with helping them figure that out. If they need a consultant for their medications to make sure they’re not going to interact with marijuana I’ll be doing that too. I’m going to be here on site which is different than most other places.”

The shop has the appeal of a doctor’s office, something Sullinger said she was keen on. It also has separated waiting areas, which she said will give patients privacy and help social distance during the pandemic.

Patients will also interact with “patient advocates” who will assist in paperwork and selection of items.

“Our patient advocates will come out with their tablets and they are going to take the order, have it filled in the back, and then they check out at the front,” Sullinger said.

She said she is eager to take on this new role. Sullinger said MJV will eventually have a drive through and an online ordering system when things begin to settle down.

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