Springfield gun store owner sees increased demand for guns and ammo; less supply available for customers

Published: Jan. 16, 2021 at 8:26 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Gun sales are up across the nation, and one Springfield gun shop owner says that’s also been the case over the last ten months.

Nick Newman, owner of Cherokee Firearms, says gun sales are up for a variety of reasons. Newman says some of those include extra stimulus money, the political climate across the country and the pandemic.

With that increased demand, Newman says there’s a major shortage in supply.

“We’re at about 40% inventory of what we normally have,” Newman says. “I normally can’t fit everything gun wise either on the wall or in the cases, and we have tons in back. I can’t even fill all the empty spots today.”

Newman says the sales at his store are high, but the lack of inventory has caused some issues.

“It’s very frustrating when I have somebody, whether it’s a regular customer or a new customer, coming in wanting to find out about hand guns or wanting to practice and enjoy the sport and I can’t supply them with that,” Newman says.

Although the demand for guns and ammo is high, Newman says he can’t get enough supply in stock. He says the biggest concern is when it comes to ammunition.

“For about six months, I’ve had a hard time getting enough ammunition to supply everybody with what they’d like to have,” Newman says.

Because of this, Newman says people may not be able to buy the exact styles or products they’re looking for.

“I’ll get 20 guns in a day and we’ll sell 20 or 24 guns in a day,” Newman says. “If there’s a certain gun you’re after, probably not going to happen. If you’re just looking for a new shotgun or a handgun or something for self defense or target shooting or whatever it is, we probably have something in that category. Unless its an AR-15, I have something in that category that will work for you, but if you have a certain specific item in mind, that’s probably not going to happen.”

Trent Butler, a local shopper, says stores he has visited have been out of specific items he wants.

“Having a hard time finding stuff,” Butler says. “Wholesalers are out and I just can’t find it right now.”

Newman says he’s only one selling box of ammo to customers at a time so he can provide it to as many customers as possible.

“Last week I ordered about a million dollars worth of ammunition that none of the manufacturers can supply me with,” Newman says. “Most of the bigger companies are well into 2022 for delivery dates.”

Newman says he doesn’t know when inventory will get back to normal again, but he thinks it’ll be at least until this summer before there are any real changes.

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