OTC offers students free breakfast

Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 5:41 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - OTC launches a new program to help students start the day.

The college is giving out free breakfast to all students for the spring semester. The program helps students who may face food insecurities, but the college says they want to provide for all students. The pilot program, Eagle Breakfast, begins today and will continue through the spring 2021 semester.

“So some things we know about college students across the country, that any given time over the last couple of years, just under half of college students have reported experiencing some kind of food insecurity.” said Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Joan Barrett

But the college says they want to provide for all students. Any student with a student ID number can participate.

“Without adding a stigma, rather than figure out who really needs this, I guess our thought is who doesn’t need breakfast?” Said Barrett

Dr. Barrett says the program has been a year in the making. After COVID-19 prevented the college from having other student activities, the OTC reallocated those funds to launch Eagle Breakfast.

“Its a really, really nice thing to be able to come to campus and have a free breakfast and to make sure I have something to eat that morning.” said OTC Student Jamie Gardener

OTC students can choose from four menu items and three beverages before they head to class.

Food Service Manager Larry Abbe, who helped develop the program, says he’s always had a heart for making sure students have the nutrition they need.

“If you say you need help we want to help you and so, in this case, you don’t even have to say it we think breakfast is so important that we’re just giving it out.” said Barrett

OTC is hopeful the program will also help students improve their grades and attendance and foster a community. Today, 46 students participated in Eagle Breakfast.

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