Monett Police Department adds new tools to monitor speed on city roads

Monett Radar Speed Signs
Monett Radar Speed Signs(KY3)
Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 6:01 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Through the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety’s Blueprint Grant, the Monett Police Department added two new tools to reinforce good driving behavior and slow speeders.

Lt. Dennis Camp said the main complaints police departments across the board receive daily are speed-related. This is why the department is adding radar speed signs, heightening motorist awareness, educating the public about the speed limit, and providing immediate feedback.

The speed radar signs display the vehicle’s speed when passing through. As the speed increases, it gives feedback and the display changes based on that speed. The radar speed signs are 100-percent portable and can collect data and traffic statics from wherever it’s placed.

“It will provide us with a car count, a daily car count, vehicles by the time of day, speeds by the time of day, so with the information; we can direct our patrols to those time to when most speeders will be on the roads,” said Lt. Camp.

He emphasized the radar sign only collects data for law enforcement.

“There’s no video capabilities or camera capabilities. All they’re doing is monitoring speeds and relaying that information from the display to the motorist and cataloging the speed by time and how fast they were going for the statistical information.”

The department already set out the first radar speed sign this week, near Monett High School, which is considered a high-speed complaint and pedestrian traffic area. Lt. Camp said the high school location is especially important because there will be a new middle school built in the same area, so the sign location was critical to collect data on and understand what the traffic flow looks like by the time of day. Lt. camp says with the new school; they expect that to increase.

“So if we have a baseline as they move forward with contraction and so on, we’ll have a better idea of traffic flow and traffic pattern,” said Lt. Camp. “And maybe be able to adjust the traffic plan when the new middle school is built.”

All and all Lt. Camp said he’s looking forward to what this means for both motorist and law enforcement.

“What I’m excited about is to obtain the traffic data,” said Lt. Camp. “So that I know that we as a department know when and where we need to place officers to have the most impact.”

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