Hollister’s Early Childhood Center is now doing virtual school assemblies

Hollisters Early Childhood Center is now doing virtual school assemblies
Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 4:40 PM CST
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HOLLISTER, Mo. (KY3) - Student recognition is a big thing for Hollister’s Early Childhood Center, and it was able to do that through school assemblies.

“Typically we have assemblies in the gymnasium and students are called up to the front we do drum rolls for kids to come up it’s exciting for them, Hollister’s Early Childhood Education Principal, Mark Waugh said. “But when the pandemic hit they couldn’t do that anymore. ”So unfortunately that was all taken away.”

Principal Mark Waugh tells KY3 the school now has virtual assemblies every other Friday to continue the tradition.

”After we do the assembly that is a Zoom meeting each of our individual classrooms is a participant in the meeting and they mute their side and their camera so it’s just a viewing role, Waugh said.

In a time where parents aren’t able to come to school as much these virtual assemblies make them feel involved as well.

“We’re able to utilize that platform to create a video that we then push out on our building Facebook page and our social media so all parents are able to access it through that media,” Waugh said.

Hollister’s math recovery specialist, Laura Bush tells KY3 the virtual assemblies are fun and bring a new energy to the school.

”The roar of kids of participating down the hallway it’s so exciting for them to be able to see and hear and just be able to participate live instead of watching it on a video,” Bush said.

The staff says they plan to continue with virtual assemblies and love to see the overall unity it brings to the school.

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