Police in Clever, Mo. report increase in home computer hacking

Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 7:23 PM CST
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CLEVER, Mo. (KY3) -

With more people working online from home, the Clever Police Chief believes they’re more likely to get hacked.

“Every time you put your information out there it increases your chance of getting something stolen,” said Clever Police Chief Jeff Lofton.

Chief Jeff Lofton said this past year they’ve had nearly 50 reports on online theft.

”That’s kind of significant jump in a community like this,” said lofton.

With hackers targeting the elderly and kids.

”Kids are doing the online gaming. They’re purchasing packages. Your elderly individuals are one, so trusting of folks,” said Lofton.

Online theft can happen when social media accounts get hacked, if you buy from an unreputable site, and what’s most common someone going after your bank or credit card information.

“Banking end of it and people going on and pirating credit card information,” said Lofton.

That’s something Shelby Morrison is dealing with now.

”I was checking my bank account and I noticed there was a charge on there for a whole dollar amount I had not made. I called my bank and they said my credit card was hacked,” said Shelby Morrison.

Morrison said she’s thankful it wasn’t a larger charge. Lofton said hackers tend to start at a small amount to see if the transaction goes through. If they’re successful they’ll continue taking out more money.

Lofton said it’s important to change your passwords quarterly whether it’s social media, online banking or other online accounts. He said to make sure your password has lots of characters and to not be generic.

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