FIRST ALERT WEATHER: MoDOT warns roads may re-freeze through the night

If roads may easily freeze as temps dip into the 20s
Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 5:26 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Even though the snow has moved out of the Ozarks, is still a risk for slick roadways, especially farther from the city limits.

MoDOT is warning drivers that as temperature dip into the 20s Thursday morning, wet roads may freeze over. The winter storm brought upwards of three inches of snow to some parts of the Ozarks. Even though the snow cleared out by the lunch hour, thick cloud cover kept untreated roads wet, and conditions cold.

Any wet roads are at risk of re-freezing tonight.

Darin Hamelink, the District Maintenance Engineer for MoDOT, said, “Driving too fast for conditions and distracted driving are the two leading causes of crashes. Especially among teens.”

Crashes were reported around the Ozarks today as the snow moved in. As darkness falls there is another threat of slick roads.

“Folks just really need to watch tonight driving home, or after dark. There is always that potential for black ice,” Hamelink said.

When roads become slick overnight, the impacts will last through your Thursday morning commute. Hamelink warns that intersections, hills, and curves will be the places to watch.

If your commute takes you on secondary or lettered routes, drive slowly.

“Slow down. That’s probably the number one thing that’s going to help you,” Hamelink said.

Before you head out, plan ahead. Check road condition maps and traffic cameras before hitting the roads. Plan to leave earlier Thursday morning so you can drive slower, and make it to your destination on time.

When approaching a stoplight, start breaking earlier. When roads are slick it takes twice as long to slow down and stop.

Check out the resources below before heading out tomorrow morning.

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