On Your Side: Puppy scam has new twist

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 6:26 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -On Your Side has warned you about this scam for years. Now there’s a new twist. We’re talking about the puppy scam.

A woman in Springfield thought she was getting a cute golden retriever. Instead she lost $500.

“I really let my heart get the best of me,” said Tammy Coryell.

A simple search on Facebook Marketplace lead her to a so called seller. She was sent photos.

“He sent me pictures which I realize now were probably professional photos that he probably stole off of somebody’s site,” she said.

$800 dollars for a puppy. Reservation deposit required. Tammy sent $500 through Venmo. Here’s the new twist. The scammer says they need more money, an additional $500. There’s an ASPCA refundable insurance fee.

“I said I’m not giving you anymore money and it went downhill from there,” said Coryell.

The scammer went onto say they want to make sure the puppy won’t go to a puppy mill.

“I thought about not coming forward, but it makes me more angry that he’s going to do this to other people,” she said.

On Your Side reached out to ASPCA.

They sent On Your Side a statement. It says in part:

There is no such thing as an ASPCA insurance fee when it comes to buying pets, and we are appalled to see our name being used in this deceptive manner.

Before you send money, if you can, see the pet in person. Or use Facetime or Zoom.

Ask the seller for a phone number and which veterinary clinic they use.

Report scams to Better Business Bureau and Attorney General.

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