On Your Side: Springfield tenants without heat for 4th night

Published: Feb. 15, 2021 at 6:33 PM CST
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Update: Abigail Wilcox told On Your Side Monday evening maintenance did repairs. They have heat in the apartment.

Many families are without heat, but for one Springfield household this will be their fourth night without a working thermostat in their apartment.

“It’s scary. What happens if our apartment gets below freezing?” asked Abigail Wilcox.

She can’t keep warm.

“Pajamas, bathrobe, blankets, coats in the house, fuzzy socks. Extra blankets in the bedroom. Everything that we really can,” she said.

Maintenance gave her a space heater, but there’s a problem.

“Every time we turn it on we blow a breaker. All of our breakers in our house,” she said.

She says they’ve had heat problems for about a month. Weeks ago she sent a letter to her landlord demanding repairs.

“They just said we’d get to it when we can. As of Friday our heat has officially gone out,” Wilcox said.

On Your Side called the property management company. The person who answered the phone said they’re working on the problem.

Wilcox did exactly what you’re supposed to do in these situations.

Document everything with photos and write a letter.

A word of caution, withholding rent until the repairs are done, might do more harm than good because of possible eviction.

Tell your landlord if you’re willing to pay for repairs or deduct it from your rent.

Reaching an agreement might get the job done faster.

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