Medical offices in Springfield anticipate rush following winter weather appointment cancellations

Published: Feb. 21, 2021 at 11:37 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Doctor offices saw cancellations left and right over the last week due to severe winter weather.

While we are expecting it to warm up over the next few days, you may notice doctor appointments are booked up.

Optometrist Dr. Agnes Lan Tran with Queen City Eye Care said she knew snowy conditions were in the forecast, but she didn’t realize the magnitude the winter weather would have on business.

“It’s been crazy, and it’s been bad because we didn’t expect this coming,” said Dr. Tran. “We thought we were having a pretty good winter, and then this burst of severe weather kind of surprised all of us.”

For many, Dr. Tran said this was the first in years where doctors saw most appointments canceled or scarce for consecutive days in a row because of mother nature.

To give perspective, Dr. Tran explained that although appointments were extremely low, fortunately, they only had to clear the books for one day last week. She said last week was the first time it felt like a ghost town inside her office.

She said there were many appointment cancellations. People could not get in and out, deliveries were slow, and icy conditions made it extremely difficult for both patients and staff.

Like many businesses, medical offices had to make a few changes and adjustments to stay open. On the day, Dr. Tran said they had to cancel all appointments. They needed to remain available to help those who may have been dealing with emergencies. During that time, she said staff had to reschedule dozens of patients for the next couple of weeks.

With appointment books already tight and stiff safety restrictions in place, Dr. Tran said rescheduling would come with hurdles.

“Next week is going to be interesting because we have a lot of patients on top of patients to try and get their needs. But then we can’t do too much because of COVID still, so we have to separate patients. So, again we’re just winging it and doing the best we can, but we’re going to be quite busy.”

Dr. Tran said they’re grateful the winter storm only brought a rush of patients for Queen City Eye Care.

“I’m fortunate that we still have power and no pipes were broken, but I feel bad for the businesses that are just getting back on track. Businesses have been down with COVID restrictions, and now that this crazy severe weather hit, it’s unfortunate.”

Although many medical offices may be busy, if you have a medical emergency, seek medical attention! Do NOT wait.

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