Omaha, Ark. city leaders search for source of water main leak

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 10:04 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Nearly 600 people in Omaha, Arkansas dealt with little to no water all day Monday. It’s due to a water main break in the city. Crews struggled to find the leak get it fixed. City leaders made sure residents could get water in the meantime.

“It’s very frustrating, especially with the snow on the ground. That’s not helped any,” said Mayor Leslie King.

King said the people in and around Omaha, Ar. have been without water since about 4:00 Monday morning. He said melting snow makes the streets wet, so it’s hard to tell where the water main leak is coming from.

“We only have about 160 people in our city limits, but we have about 560 on our rural water system,” King said.

King said those people need water while waiting for the system to get fixed. He said there is plenty available at the Omaha Fire Station. Residents just need to bring their own containers to fill.

“The Boone County Emergency Management has sent their water buffalo up here with fresh water for people needing it. The fire department has plenty of non-pottable water for like, your toilets,” he said.

King said he started looking for the leak by driving around to see if water was surfacing on any streets, but couldn’t tell.

“Since then, we’ve been isolating certain areas and turning the water back on to see if it raises or if we lose it,” he said.

He said once his crews find the source of the leak, they’ll have to shut the water off to fix it. Once they do, the water will be under a boil order to make sure it’s clean before drinking.

That’s why he’s encouraging every resident to save water while they can, by either filling up a bath tub or filling up jugs at the fire station.

Those tanks are set up at the fire station in Omaha. If they run out of water, they can be refilled.

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