Long lines form outside Greene County Assessor’s office as deadlines near

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 11:55 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - If you’re trying to reach the Greene County Assessor’s Office, you are not alone.

A long line formed outside the Greene County Assessor’s Office on Wednesday, as taxpayers tried to get personal property tax business taken care of by the end of the February, the deadline to pay personal property tax bills. Many of them did not receive a statement in the mail or problems with their tax bill. The office delayed paying property taxes from its original date of December 31 because of delays on the county’s side.

The assessor assesses your property, the clerk figures out your bill, and the collector takes your payment. With delays in the system, the assessor’s office also delayed the due date for 2021 property tax assessment lists. The mailers that went out last Friday to taxpayers say to return the lists by March 1st to avoid a penalty, but they’re incorrect. The county assessor says they couldn’t change the form because of state law. That list is due April 1. You can mail your assessment form, drop it off in person, or do it online. But the office’s website states online filing will not be available until February 26.

Greene County assessor Rick Kessinger says his staff are working very hard to serve citizens despite all the challenges. “This is a situation that no one could have anticipated,” Kessinger says. “I can’t imagine anybody who would have thought we would have this many issues in the situation. And the main thing I really want to say is how much I appreciate the patience and kindness the taxpayers have shown us.”

Greene County Collector Leah Betts’ announced she’s leaving the office at the end of February. She resigned because of the problems in the county system. She says there have been major compatibility issues in computer software county offices are now using.

She wishes taxpayers the best in getting their issues solved and bills paid by Friday to avoid hefty late fees required by law.

“Anyone, collector, assessor, any of us will help you the best that we can, but if you call my office, we end up having to send you to the assessor’s office,” said Betts. “I know that they have long lines and long waits. But it’s better than paying the late fees. So I just really encourage people to do whatever it takes to get this taken care of and to probably not wait until Friday.”

If you need to speak with someone at the assessor’s office, you can join the long line at the courthouse, the long wait over the phone, or you can try email. CLICK HERE for the assessor’s website.

Citizens can also look up tax statements, print receipts and pay their taxes at

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