Check your windshields: Rollercoaster temps in the Ozarks could make chips and cracks worse

Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 4:29 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - While cold temperatures might not crack your windshield, the fluctuations will make an existing chip worse.

Ben Burnett, the owner of Auto Glass Specialist in Springfield, said as windshields expand and contract with changing temperatures, the little chip can turn into a big crack.

Switching from heat to AC, turning on defrosters and hitting your windshield with the ice scraper over the last week, may have expanded the crack even more.

Your windshield is not at risk of falling in on you when driving. This is because there are two layers of glass, with a protecting layer in between them. This keeps the windshield from shattering completely.

“When it breaks, it just breaks the outside layer. It doesn’t break the inside unless it gets hit really hard,” Burnett said.

What you do not want is for the chip to get dirty, this makes the repairs more difficult and not as clean.

“If you wait a week or two weeks, dirt and stuff works into it. Can we still repair it? Yes, but it won’t clear up as well,” Burnett said, “Put a piece of Scotch tape over it. It won’t prevent it from spreading, but it will keep it clean.”

Burnett said these repairs are mainly cosmetic, and if the crack or chip is small they do not cause harm to the car or driver. When the cracks grow over time, they can prevent your car from passing inspection and may limit visibility.

“Sun hits it the wrong way, it reflects the light, blinds you,” Burnett said.

Bryant Young, with Insurors of the Ozarks said these repairs or replacements may be covered under your comprehensive insurance.

“Some insurance companies will pay for it and waive the deductible. If the damage is higher than the deductible, the most you would pay would be your deductible,” Young said.

Young advises to contact your insurance company for more on the cost of repairs.

Burnett says you want to read the reviews before picking a company to repair or replace your windshields. He says many companies around the area hire inexperienced workers for the job. Hire a company that has well-trained employees before having them come out and make repairs.

Burnett said, if the crack is around eight inches, he cautions against just a repair. These types of repairs do not hold us very long, and after a few years the crack may come back. Burnett cautions against hiring someone who promises to fix major cracks instead of replacing the windshield.

Make sure your repair or replacement has a warranty. Do not hire an auto glass company unless they have a warranty for their work.

Since convenience is a top priority, go with a company who will come to you for repairs.

Check that the company is Better Business Bureau credited by clicking HERE

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