Tractor and trailer sales are booming in the Ozarks and worldwide amid the global pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic sales have increase
Published: Feb. 26, 2021 at 6:03 PM CST
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ROGERSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - First, there was a run on bicycles, then snowmobiles. Now, tractors are in high demand.

Bobby Chrisman, the manager for Heritage Tractor in Rogersville, said he has seen a significant increase in new customers.

While Heritage Tractors has about 80 tractors on the lot, he says they will sell quickly.

“We have about a month’s supply, maybe two months, but we’re going to be short for sure,” Chrisman said.

Sales of tractors are booming.

“Since the pandemic came into town, sales have spiked,” Chrisman said.

Worldwide sales of John Deere tractors are up 19% in the first quarter of 2021.

John Deere attributes this spike to people moving out of cities and into the countryside.

“The housing market is doing really well too. People are trying to move out of the city into the country, so there is a need to fill that gap,” Chrisman said.

The sales team for Heritage Tractor was forecasting sales to drop during 2020 after the start of the pandemic. They were surprised that instead of sales dropping, they soared. They had one of their best months ever last April.

Now, as we are heading into spring, they are expecting the boom to continue. One factor that could hurt sales is the back-log on the production side.

“There are so many suppliers involved in the chain to make a tractor that everyone is falling behind,” Chrisman said.

This tractor boom is causing a domino effect: a tractor needs a trailer.

Phil Rauch, the owner of Sancrest Trailer Sales in Rogersville, said, “It’s been difficult this year to get inventory and a spike in sales along with it. A lot of stuff is coming in pre-sold.”

A recent spike in steel and wood costs is driving the price of tractors and trailers up.

“They’re not going to get cheaper,” Rauch said.

If you are ordering a tractor for the spring, be patient. The coronavirus has caused manufacturing to be delayed. As factories are having to shut down or limit staff because of the pandemic. Last week’s wintry weather in Texas also hurt the production of tractors.

“All of our manufacturers, they had shutdowns either trying to curb the pandemic going through or mandatory shut-downs because of where they’re located,” Rauch said.

Rauch and Chrisman said not to worry. If you are looking into buying a tractor or trailer, they are available, but it may take a little longer for the stock to come in.

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