CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Mysterious animal on the prowl in Christian County

A mysterious black animal with a long tail spotted several times near Christian County.
Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 10:15 PM CST
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HIGHLANDVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - Out rural Christian County, it’s normal to spot deer, raccoons and even coyotes.

But Stephanie Wigger saw something else.

”Everyone is freaked out here,” said Stephanie Wigger. “We’ve seen a big, black animal here crossing the road.”

That wasn’t the only time she saw the mysterious animal.

”In the past month I’ve seen it at least a dozen times,” said Wigger.

Her son too came across it while driving Thursday night though Highlandville.

”He saw a very big black cat. He says over 100 pounds. It had light brown spots,” said Wigger.

They are not the only witnesses. Their neighbors caught the animal on their game and driveway cameras.

”The way it moves, it moves like a cat,” said Wigger. “It has the long tail, low to the ground, sleeker. Definitely not a dog.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation said, if you do come across a large animal, it’s important to not speculate, but give them a call so they can begin the investigation.

”We have the biologist. We have the mammal experts. If it is a big cat, you obviously don’t want to cause a lot of concern until you know for sure,” said Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation outlines an unusual animal response.

”First they have the phone conversation. Then they go out, they investigate the scene. Where was this shot at? Where was the camera at? They’ll look for tracks. They’ll look for other signs,” said Skalicky.

Wigger said her son and neighbors contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation and hope the mystery gets solved soon.

”Everyone’s been missing a lot of cats and dogs. We’ve been blaming it on the coyotes for months and months. We lost a dog a month ago to a coyote, but now we’re kind of wondering if it could be this big black cat as well that’s living in our backyard,” said Wigger.

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