Leigh’s Lost and Found: Dallas couple searching for their missing Shihtzu in Rockaway Beach

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 11:15 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A couple from Dallas is frantically searching for their missing dog, Freddie.

On Monday, March 1st, they were visiting Rockaway Beach, when Freddie got spooked and took off. Mandy and Shelby Solomon drove back into town Monday night and plan to stay here until they find their dog.

Shelby tells us, “she’s a Shihtzu mix, so she’s half Shihtzu and half Havanese. She’s small, about 11 pounds, she’s about a foot tall and little bit long. She is, normally when she’s groomed, very very fluffy and furry. We’re assuming she’s very matted right now and dirty.”

“She is mostly white with a black head and a couple of black spots on her body and you may see some black underneath her white fur.

“We’ve had lots of people report to us that they’ve seen her, through facebook, through phone calls, in person and meeting them in the street as we’ve been looking.

We’ve seen her Merriam Woods area and in Rockaway but it’s been almost a week ago now. So it seems like she’s venturing a little bit north and west. She’s been seen along 176 in Merriam Woods in the Cedarwood and Oakwood neighborhoods.”

“The community help has been fantastic. We’ve had a number of people that have just volunteered in the area to come assist and help find her. We’ve been driving well before sunrise and into the midnight hours, looking for her.”

“There’s a lot of brush and buildings and sheds and outstorage facilities that she could be under or in. But the outpouring has been fantastic. So many people have been out looking for her so we’re really hoping that someone is going to see her and someone is going to call us.”

The Solomons say if you do see Freddie, don’t call her or chase her because she’ll take off. Just call them immediately with a location. Contact: 417-763-9081 or 214-395-0523

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