Ozarks Life: Becka Tipton opens her heart, homes for second chances

Tipton’s program, 1 More 24, helps folks battling drug addictions regain their life
Becka's program 1 more 24 is helping people overcome their addictions and regain their lives.
Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 10:05 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - There’s a home in south Springfield, not made of just walls and beams - but built with love and dreams.

“See all them happy faces,” Becka Tipton said looking at her cell phone full of pictures from recent years.

Tipton’s smile hasn’t always been there. In 2017 at her lowest point, came her turning point.

“I was a drug addict and a drug dealer,” Tipton said. “I was going through treatment, I was facing 15-years in prison, and my husband had just passed away.”

As all of the doors were closing on Becka, a judge opened a window of hope.

“I had no reason not to go to prison,” Tipton said. “But I didn’t go. Now what do I do with the rest of my life?”

A year to the day after her husband’s death, August 1, 2018, Tipton welcomed women into her home as a part of her new rehab program 1 more 24.

“You can only do it one day at a time,” Tipton said about the program’s name.

“I had a gift of empathy; to empathize with what (people fighting addictions) were taking about. I had to use that for the good.”

Tipton offers a safe, clean place for people to recover. Over the 12-month stay, residents gain independence and self esteem through a faith based life.

We go church we all sit togehter,” resident Nicole Denmark said. “And we eat together; and I haven’t had that; never had that in my life.”

And just because it’s a program doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. 1 More 24 has celebrations sprinkled throughout the year.

“We have an Easter egg hunt,” Tipton said, “it brings out the child in all of us. There are prizes inside like “no chores for a week.”

At the end of a 12-month stay, if a resident has held a job for four months, and completed a budget plan for their future, a new life is born.

“She’s handing out second chances for anyone that wants it,” resident Shannon Bickel said. “And everyday she says that she has hope for me and now I have my own (hope).”

In three years, 1 more 24 has seen 28 graduates. Tipton now has two homes for women, and three for men. Each person is valued, not as a resident in a bed, but as a person with a future.

“I have peace now,” Denmark said, “I have peace. I can sleep at night.”

“The light is back on in their eyes,” Tipton said. “They’re encouraged; they got a job, they get to speak to their kids again. That’s what brings me the most enjoyment right there.”

Tipton’s next focus is helping the children of people fighting addictions find safe, loving homes.

If you need help with rehab, or know of someone that does, you can call Becka at (417) 425-4778 or Crystal at (417) 252-3290 or you can visit 1 More 24′s Facebook page here.

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