Leigh’s Lost and Found: A true ‘tail’ of survival

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 2:45 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, our featured dog is a true survivor.

Maple turned up as a lost dog on the Leigh’s Lost and Found page in mid February, in the middle of that terrible cold snap.

Her owner was worried she wouldn’t survive the freezing temperatures, but with a lot of people looking for her, even strangers, Maple made it home.

Maple proved to be a tough cookie from birth, according to her owner Cyan Davis.

“I got her from the emergency clinic on Glenstone. She beat parvo when she was about six weeks old.”

it was that toughness to survive the severe gastrointestinal virus that drew in Cyan.

“I knew right when I saw her, that I had to take her home. She was the one.”

That was last August and the two became inseparable, until this February. Cyan and Maple were in the parking lot of her apartment complex off Kimbrough, when a car backed into the Catahoula mix

“I heard her small little yelp and I screamed her name and tried go towards her but she took off, she was already gone.”

Cyan immediately posted her to the Lost and Found page. Maple’s unique look and the fact that it was snowing and dipping below zero that night, spurred almost 800 shares.

Numerous sightings then started rolling in.

“When there was a sighting we would go over there and look. We found her footprints a few times and were able to follow them but we would lose her. It seemed like we were always two steps behind her.”

Two weeks later, Cyan was starting to lose hope, when her phone rang with good news. Someone at a nearby apartment complex had lured in Maple with ham and caught her.

“I remember just bawling my eyes out. In all honesty, I didn’t think that phone call was going to go as good as it did.”

Maple was extremely skinny, had torn up paws and lost a claw, but otherwise, came through unscathed. It’s a true testament to her will to live.

“I knew when I was told that she survived parvo, I was like, okay, this one is going to be a strong one. And after this experience, I definitely know she’s strong.”

If you need to submit a lost or found pet, you can post them on the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page at the link below.

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