Branson theaters prepare for face-covering ordinance ending in May

Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 4:11 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) -The city of Branson announced its face-covering ordinance will end on May 24.

Staff at the Clay Cooper Theater continue to sanitize the seating area, require masks during shows, and leave empty seats between guests.

”Because of that we’ve reached capacity limits every performance and have been turning away hundred and hundreds of people,” performer Timothy Haygood said.

Haygood said before the pandemic they could seat around 1,200.

”Right now because we are spacing everyone out we don’t go beyond about 700 seats,” Haygood said.

And some safety measures will remain in place when the mask mandate ends May 24.

”If they do want to wear masks at the show we are of course perfectly fine with that we will probably continue spacing customers out on the lower level and the balcony until it gets to a point where there is enough of a comfort level and enough vaccines that are out there that we can begin seating people at full capacity,” Haygood said.

The Dutton Theater reopened Thursday for the spring season. And there will be several enhanced cleaning policies.

”Extra hand sanitizers at the entrances we also do something kind of particular to us we actually cut out intermissions so that folks are tempted to come up and congregate in the lobby,” performer Judith Dutton said.

Dutton said they will also be socially distancing audiences.

”We’re still putting a bubble around each party in the theater so they can have a seat enjoy the show without worrying about the dangerous people to the left, right, front and back,” Dutton said.

Gina Micek said she plans to attend the Dutton show and feels comfortable with the safety measures in place.

”We’ve been out to a few other shows and you know being around senior people and you can hear people talking about their shots and getting out, I think people are starting to get back into their comfort zone,” Micek said.

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