On Your Side Investigation: Roofing business closes, Springfield customers in limbo

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 6:21 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A multi-state roofing company with a Springfield location suddenly closed, leaving hundreds of customers in limbo.

On Your Side discovered two supply companies filed lawsuits against Love Our Roof. Seeking a total of nearly $1.5 million.

There are still about a half-a-dozen marked trucks and yard signs at the office on South Fremont.

“I contacted the sales person to ask a question about our order. And he called me back and let me know he had gone to the business the day prior and was asked to turn in their keys and equipment that the business was closing their doors,” said Laura Leclair. She paid a nearly $4,000 deposit for new gutters, downspouts and other upgrades. She paid two weeks ago.

“He gave me info for their headquarters in Nebraska. You cannot reach anyone there,” she said.

Nebraska court records obtained by KYTV’s sister station WOWT show two supply companies have filed lawsuits. One is asking for nearly $900,000. The other, more than $432,000.

“I’ve paid $9,000 with no materials and nothing done to my house,” said Chase Mills. He paid in February for a roof replacement. He’s also a real estate agent.

“Referring clients and things like that. It makes you take a step back and say, well was I putting my clients at risk?” said Mills.

An attorney in Nebraska who represents the company declined our interview request.

He sent this statement from the owner, Jim Harding:

On behalf of Loveouroof we deeply regret what was a very difficult decision for us to make. The company suffered through a very tough 2020. We tried everything we possibly could to keep the business open and our employees employed. We are not bad people, we just had our business fail. There was never any ill intent and please note that we are not closing down until our customers are taken care of. We have the support of our area Omaha Better Business Bureau who understands what happened to us and are supporting our efforts. We have an amazing bank partner who is helping us to put together a program to take care of our customers. We have assembled a team to communicate and process customer inquiries. We will make an announcement about the program very soon and look forward to making things right as they should be. We ask that you please be patient with us as we progress.

“With all the new construction that’s going on and the market the way it is from a real estate standpoint, you can’t find one that’s had a bad year,” said Mills.

“I don’t believe at all that when we wrote a contract a week before the business closed they did not have some inclination that the business was failing financially and they continued to take money from people with no intention of ever doing the work,” said Leclair.

That attorney went on to say customers should have more information this week. In the the meantime, upset customers can always file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General.

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