Black Lives Matter of Southwest Missouri holds silent vigil in memory of Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo

Published: Apr. 17, 2021 at 8:45 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Black Lives Matter of Southwest Missouri held a vigil Saturday evening in honor of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo.

Organizer Lyle Foster says the idea was to stand in solidarity with the lives lost to police misconduct across the country.

”I saw a picture of Daunte Wright’s mom, and I just really was struck about what this must be like. To talk to your child one minute, and a few minutes later, that child has passed on,” Foster says.

The 30-minute vigil was done in complete silence.

“These are lives that are snuffed out,” Foster says. “The potential, who they could be, their family members, their friends who in terms of their lives and their voice, their voices have been silenced. We so often think we’ve got to always say something. Sometimes the discomfort of silence helps to bring focus, helps to bring attention to that which was lost.”

Jalen Goodwin’s mom, Renee Goodwin, says she has been fighting for justice since his death in the Greene County Jail five years ago. Goodwin says the Springfield community needs to use its voice to make change happen.

“When we had body cameras at the top of our list and to go before council, now, not even six months later, the police have body cameras,” Goodwin says. “We know that if we speak out we can make change and we can effectively do it as a group.”

Organizer Imari Stout says Saturday’s vigil was time to recognize those who no longer have a voice and grieve the lives lost together as a community.

“For the Black community and people of color as a whole, that mourning never stops,” Stout says. “The deaths are daily. Not just the ones that are nationally recognized. We have people that are dying just like George Floyd and Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright every single day and we are not hearing those names.”

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