Historic bridge near Pierce City, Mo. collapses

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 5:55 PM CDT
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NEAR PIERCE CITY, Mo. (KY3) - An historic bridge near Pierce City, Mo. collapsed Friday morning.

A tree fell on the Haskins Bridge, collapsing it into the creek below.

Those who live around the bridge say it holds special memories.

“My oldest daughter got married on this bridge,” said resident Bob Haskins who’s family the bridge is named after.

The Haskins bridge was built in 1905. Horses moved the bridge to Jolly Mill Park in 1927.

“My grandpa bought the mill in 1912, and my dad was eight-years-old when they moved it,” said Haskins.

“There’s a lot of history right here,” said resident Pat Chapman. “That old mill was built in 1848 and you know there’s just a lot of history right here.”

While visitors come to see the mill, the bridge is a featured part of the park.

“I’ve watched hundreds, if not thousands of people take pictures on this bridge,” said Haskins

“My family’s been here since the late 1800′s,” said Chapman. “I’m the fourth-generation and I got a son and grandkids that are the fifth and sixth generation. I can remember my dad saying one time saying someone said to him, boy you’ve been here a long time, and he said , we just never had enough money to get out.”

Chapman’s grandmother was the first teacher at the Chapman School House that is located at Jolly Mill Park. Seeing the bridge collapsed is heartbreaking to the community

“It makes me sick you know, it means a lot. You know that’s something you cant hardly replace.” said Chapman

“It just amazes me the craftsmanship and the labor that goes into this stuff,” said Haskins.

Park officials decided they will try to restore the bridge.

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