Silver Dollar City adjusts its COVID-19 safety guidelines, loosens some masking rules

Published: Apr. 18, 2021 at 8:23 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - Silver Dollar City has adjusted its COVID-19 safety guidelines.

In an effort to slowly lift restrictions, while still keeping safety a top priority, masks will no longer be required the entire time guests are in the park.

These changes were announced on April 12. They are on par with the Center for Disease and Prevention Control’s latest guidelines for safe outdoor activities.

“If you are able to social distance, walk around the park and stay six feet apart from others, you are able to now have your mask down,” Park Official Laramie Lowe said.

However, Laramie Lowe said there are still some places where it is required.

”If you go into any of our shops or anything like that or you are in close contact with people you didn’t come with, you do have to have your mask on,” Lowe said.

That includes standing in line and during most rides.

”When you get on certain rides, you don’t have to have it. Like water rides, you do not have to wear your mask. On the ride itself, you have to be in the vehicle before you can take it down,” Lowe said.

Other safety measures are still in place, such as offering hand sanitizer to guests before getting on rides and sanitizing surfaces all throughout the day.

”If somebody doesn’t have hand sanitizer or doesn’t want to use ours, we do offer gloves for them for their protection while they’re out there enjoying the ride,” said ride operator Nickolas Tabon.

Some Silver Dollar City Guests say it’s refreshing not having to wear their mask the entire time.

”It’s kind of that glimmer of hope we’ve all been looking for, and it’s so nice to walk around the park here without the mask,” park guest Jim Leavey said.

”We felt very safe and a little bit more free,” park guest Dru Maxwell said.

Park officials said guests will also experience one other change when entering the park.

”We no longer have the temperature checks. At some spots, they will still ask especially if there’s any sign of maybe something going on to see if you’re okay,” Lowe said.

Park officials said, as of right now, they do not have a timeline of when the masking order will be completely lifted.

Silver Dollar City will continue following CDC guidelines to make that decision.

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