Police arrest woman after breaking into Branson, Mo. home

Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 5:33 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - Police arrested a woman early Monday morning after she broke into a home in the 100 block of Rose O’Neil Dr. in Branson.

Police responded to the home after the homeowners found an unknown woman in their house. The woman used a garage door opener from an unlocked car to get inside the victim’s home. Investigators say after the woman ran out of the victim’s home she was located, arrested, and booked into the Taney County Jail

Neighbor Luise Bird says she is taking extra extra steps to ensure the safety of her home moving forward.

“I heard about the break in through an insurance agent that we’re working with right now and then I went online to find out more about it,” Neighbor Luise Bird said.

Bird said her family recently had an item stolen from their mailbox.

”When that happened we decided we were going to get a Ring camera installed,” Bird said.

Bird said the new safety additions do give her family peace of mind and they plan to add additional cameras over the driveway as well.

”Occasionally and frequently enough now we have had someone open up my husbands truck and steal things out of it, but we’ve never had anyone get into the house,” Bird said.

She said they are also more cautious about bringing valuable items inside when they get home.

”We don’t leave much of anything in the cars anymore and as part of our locking up routine we take his key and mines always in the garage so we take his key and click it twice just to make sure it is locked,” Bird said.

Officer Darold Donathan said in these situations, being proactive is key.

”Ask yourself what can we do to not become a victim with regard to our homes and where we live,” Officer Donathan said.

Officer Donathan said the woman broke into cars which is how she got a garage door opener to get into the victims home.

”If you have a door separating, lock that door, the door that locks between the garage and the rest of your house,” Donathan said.

He says as a whole make sure your home is locked up.

”Even when you’re home you may wanna make sure those doors are locked, garage doors, front and back doors,” Donathan said.

He said also be careful leaving spare keys outside.

”It’s also a good idea to become partners with your neighborhood with your neighbors, team up in a community or neighborhood watch type program and include you local law enforcement they’d be glad to team up and help you,” Donathan said.

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