Pre-owned car dealers in Springfield offer incentives to increase inventory as sales reach record highs

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 4:02 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Some car dealerships in Springfield are offering extra incentives to buy pre-owned cars to build up their inventories after months with emptier lots.

Barry Hodge, pre-owned sales manager at Don Wessel Honda, says his used car lot has significantly more cars now than it did last month.

“2020 wasn’t one of the better years for the car business, so a lot of people were tied up doing something in the house. They couldn’t get out, they didn’t want to get out and now everybody is getting out more and you see people that maybe held off buying a car last year are buying in 2021,” Hodge says.

March was a record month of sales for pre-owned and new cars at Don Wessel. Hodge says they are calling old customers or people who bring their cars in for maintenance and asking if they would be interested in a trade in.

“You can get out of a car you’re already driving and making payments on it and get into a new car with a warranty and still not increase your payment,” Hodge says.

Hodge says many customers are getting top-dollar right now for their trade-ins, but he doesn’t expect that to last much longer. He thinks part of the reason why they’re seeing a shortage on the lot is more people using their stimulus checks to buy pre-owned cars.

Hodge says customers would be getting better deals for their trade-ins right now and other incentives are being offered.

“There are packages that we have for free oil changes or first maintenance due,” Hodge says.

Customers may also get discounts on the new car they would be purchasing.

“When the new car department offers the incentives on the new Hondas, it gets people to trade in,” Hodge says. “A lot of times people are trading in Hondas as well and we get those nice low mileage trade ins we can certify and put on our own lot.”

Hodge says he expects this spring to be record-breaking for used car sales.

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