White House encourages more people to get vaccinated through new tax credit; paid leave provided

Published: Apr. 24, 2021 at 9:01 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - In an effort to get more people vaccinated, the White House announced it will be offering a tax credit to businesses with less than 500 employees.

The tax credit will provide paid leave for people getting vaccinated or those who need additional time off to recover from vaccine side effects.

A few businesses in Branson said they think the tax credit would be beneficial.

Linda Cherry, the owner of the Crystal Fish Gifts, said her staff is small and she recognizes the impact this could have on small businesses.

“I’ve got six or eight people, so if everyone of them needed a day or two, this is absolutely going to be a good benefit for small business to be able to kind of jump another hurdle that we’re trying to jump,” said Cherry.

While many of her employees have already received their COVID-19 vaccine, the majority didn’t experience bad side effects.

“We had somebody that was out for one extra day,” Cherry said.

Cherry said before learning about the tax credit, her team did have a vaccine plan in place.

”We’d already put a plan that we would cover two days if they needed that, so this initiative for a small business helps me even that much more. I really appreciate that,” Cherry said.

Peter Engler Designs owner, Mary Bowman, said she thinks the tax credit is a great idea for small businesses as well.

”It’ll help the employees out a lot to be able to have that,” said Bowman

Bowman said all but one employee has received their vaccine. If that employee were to experience side effects, this tax credit could help.

”Haven’t had any problems yet, thank goodness. But if they were to, it’s nice to know that the government has come forth to give us a little help with that,” Bowman said.

Employee Debbie Wilkerson said she thinks many businesses could use this support right now.

”I’m glad to hear for a lot of people the side effects are relatively minor, but it’s nice to have that extra support to help people as they’re doing everything they can to get back to normal those extra steps really are helpful,” Debbie Wilkerson said.

This tax credit is covered through the $1.9-trillion relief package passed last month.

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